12ft Deluxe Replacement Trampoline Pads

12ft Deluxe Replacement Trampoline Pads



Product Description

Deluxe replacement trampoline padding for 12ft Trampolines.Will fit all known brands of 12ft trampolines with 7 inch or 8.5 inch springs.These deluxe trampoline pads do not get thinner towards the jumping mat. The deluxe foam block is a cross linked closed cell foam.Made from excellent waterproof polyester. These deluxe trampoline pads are superior to PVC which can crack in the sun.The deluxe trampoline padding is extra wide at 360mm extending over the frame and springs to ensure there is no chance of jumpers landing on any exposed part and to give extra durability and increased safety.The trampoline pads are securely tied to the frame with thick elastic straps to ensure they are always in the correct position and do not bounce loose.The deluxe trampoline pads are UV treated to protect against harmful rays from the sun.Note: This padding does not fit B&Q trampolinesColour: Green

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